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Breastfeeding in Public, Project "MOTHER NATURE"

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Breastfeeding in Public and Project “Mother Nature”

Why do I, one woman without kids, dare to interfere and what’s my opinion about breastfeeding in public.

Yes, it’s right, I do not have own kids yet, actually I do not even have a partner for starting the production. 🙂 So first I looked at the breastfeeding issue totally naively and without any experience. Often it happened that I saw a mother with her child in the park, they were breastfeeding and I thought nothing at all. That was just normal for me.

Later on, my clients told me about their breastfeeding experiences. And most of these stories weren’t too positive after all. They got insulted for doing that! They were told to go home and stay there!

That’s not possible in my opinion! That should not happen! So I started project “mother nature”. The call for attention to normalize breastfeeding!




I photograph mothers with their children during breastfeeding in public. Have courage! Join me! Join me for a breastfeeding session in public, be strong and confident and don’t let anyone tell you what to do and not to do! If you are interested in such a session, write me an e-mail to and add “MOTHER NATURE” into the subject line. Inserat an image with you and your child in the e-mail, it doesn’t have to be during breastfeeding, I just want to see you two (or three if you are still breastfeeding two kids)

Have courage! #normalizebreastfeeding




Stillende Mutter mit ihrem 4 Monate alten Baby

Stillende Mutter mit ihrem 4 Monate alten Baby



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