“Think of the happiest things.
It’s the same of having wings.”
(Peter Pan)

Who is Tanja?

Well I'm an optimistic and passionate lady with great powers of endurance.

For my photography I have big plans. And to me "big plans" means I want it to be something big, something beautiful and magical. Something that makes people smile, laugh and think. I want it to touch souls and to make people cray of joy.

What does "Van Lonsperch" mean?

Van Lonsperch is my name as an artist. It means "from Deutschlandsberg" which is a small town in Austria, my home town. A silent and cosy, very green place on earth, in the heart of Styria, called the green heart of Austria. It's one of those little country towns where the world is still good. 🙂

These days I live in Graz and work international.


I’m not either wicked or noble,
I’m like a chef salad,
with good things and bad things
chopped and mixed together
in a vinagrette of magic and madness.

Personal stuff

I like people. I like new people! And I mean I like meeting new people and I mean totally new people like Newborns! 🙂

And I like old people. I mean I like my old friends and I like elderly people with their great facial expressions, their scars and their strong and wise stories.

I carry my heart on my tongue. I like to say what I think. I like to watch people and I always know how to comfort people in my environment.

 I believe in God and I'm always searching for magic in the details. And I find it! I love the imperfect. I dance in the rain and I do whatever I feel I want to do. 

In the end of the day I want to say that I made people happy and I was appreciated.


Pepe & Tanja

On my journey I'm accompanied by this little fellow. Pepe the black dog. Pepe was a street dog in Hungary and one day he really felt fed up with this and decided to come to Graz and charter in my company.

So I got an assistant now and he does a great job. He taught me calmness and consistency and he totally slows me down in my busy bee way of life.

Also in my journey as an artist and finding my own style Pepe played an still plays an important role.


Pepe and I love to stroll through Austria's forests. We love the leaves crackling beneath our feet, the watery smell of moss and trees. And the silence!

My education

I got a diploma in graphic and media design, which totally shaped my photography style and smuggled my love for perfection into my blood.

I worked for years as a graphic designer and build my photography business in the great outdoors as a balance besides my full time job. One day I decided not to go back into the office and stay outside. 🙂
This year is my seventh year as a photographer, my tenth year as a media designer and I feel so gifted to be able to share my love for great wallart and my skills with so many wonderful clients today.