100% concentrated knowhow


I build on your prior knowledge to shorten your way to the goal.

There will be no empty phrases, know info you already know. No matter if you are a beginner, hobby- or professional photographer, we will bring you to the next level.

Maximum input
perfectly designed for your needs.

Topics of your Mentoring

You can choose your modules as you wish. Depending on our time capacity you can choose between 2 to 9 topics, which we will work through in detail.

For your inspiration:

  • Camera settings and equipment
  • Theory (Color management, composing and composition)
  • photography (practical training with models)
  • How to handle clients and models
    Understanding light
  • Editing (Lightroom & Photoshop)
  • Marketing (On- & Offline)
  • Pricing
  • Portfolio-Review
  • Website-Review

You can choose your topics as you prefer. In each step we will have a special look on finding your own style. Especially in today's market it's extremely important to find your own voice to be able to make your way into business.

I will have a closer look into your personality and soul and will provide you with the right tools to find your way.

What we learn with pleasure
we never forget.

- Alfred Mercier

Ask for our Mentoring Prices

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Your Skype Session with Tanja

Graz is too far for you? No worries, we have Internet!

We can discuss all modules via Skype and help you to reach the next level of photography.

Also ask for:

Show Tanja your best 10 pictures and receive her feedback and tipps how to improve your skills.

One of the most important marketing medias is the website these days. Tanja totally scans your websites and points at the week points of it, also she shows you tools and contacts how to imporive it immediatly and concrete.



Tanja is travelling worldwide for classes and exhibitions. Ask her. She usually doesn't bite.
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