Those who grow up and remain as a child have understood life.

My childhood memories

When I look at pictures from my childhood and remember the old times then I just feel comfortable. I remember building umbrella-houses, running with my dog trough meadows in the summer, constructing whole forts on trees and it feels nice. The technology then was not as advanced as today, artists were not as talented and were not able to capture this wonderful time as it really was.

When I try to remember my childhood, it is hard to remember anything at first. Today’s everyday life and information overload are just to domineering. But when I look at a picture, I can easier remember the details, relive the old times. I remember if it was a nice day, how I felt, who was visiting, dreams and fabled phantasies which fascinated me.

It’s like I’m there again!

I don’t love USB and CD.

I love the look of historic books and I'm a big fan of old letterprint.

Der smell and feeling of a fresh printed old book, handcrafted with great passion, makes me smile.

I don't like USBs and CDs and I don't like beautiful images being forgotten in archives. I don't leave my clients alone with their CD. No! We can do better!

I create great heirloom wallart for them or amazing handcrafted fairytale photobooks which are going to be valued by the next generation and their kids.