The Van Lonsperch Style in five words:
timeless, intense, honest, thoughtful, magical

The Van Lonsperch Style in detail

A smile belongs to my equipment. My warm character is a thing my friends value most. My clients like to describe me as peaceful and highly creative and I tend to name myself a soul searcher.

I call it a privilege to catch a glimpse of the true, vulnerable and beautiful soul of a human. And this is what creates my art.

My art is known for its well structured and timeless composition. The colors and contrasts, the integration of my motive into the surrounding arreas are what make the Van Lonsperch style.
Most of all I put my heart and soul into my work and this is the reason why my wall arts are not only silent photographs, they speak!

My workflow

I'm fascinated by emotions and bondings. The raw beauty, honesty and the power of NOW are my drive.

I love intense color. I'm a posing freak. And I love perfection.

You can recognize a good photographer not only by his technical knowledge but also by the way he interacts with his clients.


“My workflow is careful, creative and humorous.”

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