Wedding: Bernadette and Hans Richard

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Wedding: Bernadette and Hans Richard


This wedding was one of my personal highlights in 2017 and I am so so greatful that I were able to be a part of it.

Beneath bright sunshine Bernadette and Hans Richard said that they will to each other and it was more than just beautiful: In the middle of emerald green wine hills of the southwest styrian wine street you will find wineyard Georgiberg in a very romantic valley. On the last picture of these beautiful wedding images you will find the breathtaking location with extensive views.

Through the whole wedding lavender was of great presence and his wonderful color, pastel violet. After lavender is my favourite flower of all and I already knew Hans Richard and Bernadette out of my home tome Deutschlandsberg back in youth times, this day took my breath away.


The wedding took place at a super cute pavilion at a small pond in the area of the vineyard, decorated with white curtains and lace. The pond was not very big so it was possible for the guests to sit opposite at the pavilon under comfortable shadow of white umbrellas and just enjoy the show. 🙂 Bees and bumblebees buzzed around happily and it was just a wonderful wedding day.

As a personal highlight I brought my photobooth and a sweet assistant and collegue Miryam to the event and the pictures of the booth are to be found under the blog article.

I’m a total cake freak and so I was in total joy with the wedding cake consisting of four floors. From chocolate over vanille to junket and berries – every gourmet was to be pleased with that wonderful sweet thing.

At the end of the day we were gifted with a lukewarm summer thunderstorm and I immediately ran out again with my bride and groom to shoot some more pictures. I’d have so much more to say about this wonderful wedding but you got to know when it’s enough. So please enjoy the images now and don’t forget to leave me your thoughts. 🙂





Das Fotobox-Video von Bernadette und Hans-Richard




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Ende August geht’s für mich auf Foto-Reise nach Irland! Auf Instagram werde ich fleißig Eindrücke meiner Erlebnisse posten und euch live mit auf die Reise nehmen. 🙂
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