Wedding from Tatjana & Andreas

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Wedding from Tatjana & Andreas

in Werndorf near Graz/Styria/Austria


“Now it’s getting serious” was the motto for Tatjana, as she took over the sirname “Ernst” on her big fat austrian Weddingday. “Ernst” is the austrian word for “serious”. Wordplay alert! 🙂

These two guys are a very active couple, they are member of the fire brigade, tennis club and a very big styrian vendor for power supply.  Ancient austrian traditions were practised on this day, like “shuting off the street”. In this tradition, friends of the bride and groom lock off the street so they can’t pass through to church. They have to solve tricky puzzles and drink liquor to pass. The friends, which did the shutting off, collect money from all wedding guests while passing the freed line and the revenue of this money collection goes to the couple as a start into their future life together.

The bride, Tatjana, truly impressed me with her romantic and soft nature, just like an elf in her white lace dress.

As a lover of flowers and flower bouqets I immediatelly fell in love with the wonderful flower decoration in rose and lilac tones. Also the wedding guests had a super cute suprise for the bride. During Tatjana’s getting ready in the house of her mother the guests wrote little messages and positive wishes on small pieces of paper and fixed these on white balloons. They collected the message balloons at the cute white fence in front of the house and took them later to the church where they let them get up into the air after the ceremony. Cheesy and cute! 🙂




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